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Our Mission

Through JustReachGoal, Our basic aim is to share ideas on how to earn money online. You may hear many people earning so much money via Blog sites, Mobile applications, YouTube and Social network sites. Obviously, it is nothing difficult. But we do not know how to do it. Here we share all ideas with real-life examples. One day, you may become your own boss. It is true if you can mix your hard work with smart work, you can become own boss and earn a lot of money. Just start reading our articles and start your online business now.

We are also writing interesting articles on Digital marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social media, Blogging, Website Development, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and other skills. We post all tips and hacks that allow you to learn faster.

In today’s digital world, social media, shopping, banking, online businesses and other popular websites, mobile applications, operating systems, and internet are a major part of our lives. And it is becoming large and difficult subject. So, everybody is not familiar regarding above all and facing some issues. Like, How to use it? Is it safe? Is our privacy safe? How to create or delete an account or forget password? You may find a right solution through our articles.

We believe in sharing knowledge through this blog and we hope that you get a slice of them.

Our Story

About Us - JustReachGoalIn October 2017, we discussed an importance of online businesses and how to earn a lot of money online. In response, we decided to share helpful tips for all people and that time JustReachGoal.com was to arise.

We listed more than hundred of domain names but some domains already purchased or premium listed. Finally, we found JustReachGoal.com is perfect for this subject. We bought this domain from godaddy.com on 7th November 2017. Then we developed website by IFeelITS.com in WordPress CMS. In 4th February 2018, we published our first article written by Ganpat. It was a happy moment for us.

Our Team

Ganpat Desai

Founder and Blogger

Ganpat Desai - JustReachGoal Founder and Blogger

Ganpat is a software engineer and blogger. He has 4 years of experience and he is an expert on Web & software development and Digital Marketing. As a founder, He is driving the visions of his all businesses. He also spends free time in agricultural work. You can read more detail here.

Kinjal Desai

Co-Founder and Blogger

Kinjal Desai - JustReachGoal Co-Founder and Blogger

Kinjal is an expert in mathematics. She is also a blogger. She likes to read Gujarati literature, writing poetry, drawing, cooking, shopping and watching movies. She spends her free time in a kitchen for cooking food and doing housework. You can read more detail here.

We have other websites and business

  1. IFeelITS: We are providing services in Website design & Development, Android & iOS Apps, Digital marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social media, Brandings like Logo designing and Brochure designing.
  2. PinkLeave: It is a lifestyle and entertainment blog site.

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